Starting a Car Channel on YouTube, wow I suck.

Here’s what it’s like to start a Car Channel On YouTube,

The Porsche Slant Nose (Widowmaker, Used in Video)

The reality is, I’m sure like most new YouTube aspirants, I had no idea what I was doing, or why I was doing it.

For me, it kind of took my off guard when it was suggested I start a Channel, the reality was, I had no intent on being anything than authentically me; this included everything in my life. I didn’t want to be famous, I sure as heck didn’t want to be some old man screaming into a camera making a fool out of myself.

But I’m a driver, with plenty of Track time, and having enough experience with Track Culture to know, if someone Offers you a Sponsorship for anything, you take it, and figure it out.

The conditions of that were I had to start a YouTube channel, and one that focused on what I was good at (in this case, one of my many hobbies, Driving in a spirited fashion). But I wasn’t nearly ready to even begin to understand what that meant. I was also Definitely not ready to experience the toxicity of YouTube itself, especially in the Automotive Genre of YouTube.

Needless to say, I was taken significantly off guard, but was excited, I wanted to do this thing. So grab my phone, and off I go right? I mean why not? People have viral videos taping their cat!

My Lord I was wrong, after my first Video (which was absolutely horrid in hind sight), I walked away dazed and confused. I had as an old man, publicly embarrassed myself, and now there was no coming back.

I feared it would not only hurt my Professional reputation, but any future prospects that I would receive. I should have quit honestly, but me, oh no, I’m too darn stubborn for that. I was determined to learn this system, to improve, to explore the creative art of making videos.

No amount of “you suck” or “quit YouTube” would make me quit, I was an adult right? It didn’t matter how much it hurt, I would keep pushing to try and understand, synthesize and begin to improve the products I was producing. No amount of YouTube Feedback of give it up, would ever get through to my hard head.

I became addicted to improving, I didn’t care what toxic commentary I got, I didn’t care that the YouTube Algorithm hated me, I didn’t care that Automotive YouTubers told me to quit.

You know what? I’m glad I didn’t. Since then, I’ve worked with Companies like Lotus Cars, McClaren; I’ve tested Ferraris, I currently have a Porsche GT4 in my garage! Why you ask? Why would they even talk to you?

Turns out, they liked me being authentically me, and not attempting to be a YouTube Star.

I hope this resonates with someone, and I think it applies universally to creators of all kinds. YouTube is as much Art, as it is Science. I still suck on YouTube, and YouTube is still toxic, but I’ve learned, I’ve learned to keep developing my ability to use the equipment I have at hand, and when they say “Fix it in post”, I have learned a trick or three with Editing.

Anyway, I’m starting this blog, like I do everything else, with no idea where it’s going, and I hope this helps someone. Don’t let the Toxicity of YouTube, or the Terrible YouTube Algorithm get to you, just keep creating.

My advice? Do you, Not them, just be authentically you, and enjoy the creation process.

If you like this piece let me know, I’ll write some more. To you the reader, hear me now, YOU Got this! Keep Creating.

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