Here’s What It’s like Driving a Ferrari,

Oh stop, I already know what you’re thinking, because I thought it myself. “You rich, over-privileged, Daddy’s Money having, CEO Being, Rockstar Friend Having, Arrogant Dork!”.

My Favorite was, “But do you drive it, or Park it, and Shine it?”

Well I cant say, I would disagree with any of those sentiments upon initial examination. Ferrari conjures one of two thoughts for me.

  1. Got it, you’re taking your wife to get her nails done.
  2. You’ve got waaaay too much expendable cash.

Until I drove the Ferrari 488 myself, I thought those exact things. See I don’t drive cars, and review them to quote Specs, there’s plenty of YouTubers that do that, in fact, I know nothing about them anyways. I talk about the Experience that Driving brings to the Driver, what it’s like to flog a Car from corner to corner making that elegant dance. I focus on the “Driving Experience”. (Which is probably why I’m one of the least popular Car YouTube Channels in existence, I should probably stand on the roof of a quarter million dollar car and yell “Yeeeeeeaaahhhh boooooooy” screaming about quarter mile times).

Yeah, kind of not me, I’m a 45 year old Dude (Ancient, I know) and I love Driving, that’s the thing. I love Track Driving, I love Canyon Rat’ing through a set of twisty Roads, I love the passion it brings.

You’ve heard it said, Ferrari is passion, and after this review (Total Shameless self promotion here), I’ll admit the Ferrari 488 is a creature of total passion. I can assure you, it conjures every bit of emotion, and honestly it’s hard to keep that in check. One’s imagination runs to the thought of Monaco runs, or Dancing through the Canyons in Italy, a feeling of Romance I would say.

Ferrari 488 Spider Video Review Youtube

Ferrari absolutely does something special in it’s creation, with no detail left without attention, there’s something special in the sound as she barks to life, and that leads to the question. Does it have emotion?

My answer, my experience, unequivocally yes! The Ferrari 488, is significantly more than a once and done kind of ordeal. Every bit of it’s Italian Flavor oozes into one’s very being. The seating position, the steering wheel, the sound of the Engine, the amazing ability it has to make you the driver one with the experience, that’s the Art, of a Ferrari.

Truth is, you wont care how many people are staring at you, and you won’t care what it costs, when you’re done with at Ferrari it’s an unforgettable experience. Forget the big mustache Television Show from the 80s’ (From a guy who lived the 80s’ let me tell you it was Terrible). Forget the notion that Ferrari is designed for the Rich and Famous.

What’s it like to Drive a Ferrari?

Simply Divine.

Here you go for you Specs types, (Not me, but I get it, it MUST be there)

“Ferrari 488 Spider The new 3.9-liter twin-turbo V-8 makes a staggering 661 hp and 561 lb-ft of torque and carefully controls boost levels at lower engine speeds to keep the turbos spooled and the acceleration linear”

Okay now that we’re past that, let me ask you, if you had the opportunity to drive one, would that change your mind? It did mine

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