Here’s what it’s like to start a Car Channel On YouTube,

The Porsche Slant Nose (Widowmaker, Used in Video)

The reality is, I’m sure like most new YouTube aspirants, I had no idea what I was doing, or why I was doing it.

For me, it kind of took my off guard when it was suggested I…

Evolution, not Revolution

I can almost hear the engineering tirades from all the way over here.

I say it in just about every one of my videos, and the longer I test drive cars, the MORE I believe this to be truth, Porsche creates an evolution of a creation, instead of a revolution of a model, and that I believe is what’s key…

The myth of ‘no replacement for displacement’ and why it doesn’t matter

Insert donut swinging, tire smoking, nonsense here

No replacement for Displacement, what a nonsensical thought, and something that Car Manufacturers, especially American Manufactures take full advantage of hyping.

But do you know why? It’s because generally, in much of the United States, roads are often…

Yup, I’m a Lunatic and here’s the results 72hrs later, Quantity is a thing.

So I ranted a Great deal about YouTube shoving #shorts down my throat, in one of my earlier blogs, and I thought to myself “Well thats not fair, you don’t actually know that”.

Well so I…

Hint, it’s not the Money!

Can you guess why?

I think most Creators began on Youtube with the thinking

“Ah, man I have that hobby! Here’s some person making millions with the same hobby!”


“I HATE that guy on Youtube, I could do waaaaay Better”

At least that’s a general consensus from what…

Yup you heard me, we aren’t talking about 1000 HP Monsters, that do 200 MPH in a straight line. Not at all (even though some do indeed do that, the McLaren GT, in the video below is a great example of one).

Yes I’ve posted this before, but God I…

YouTube literally rewards the MORE is MORE philosophy, they want you to Post 4 Billion YouTube Shorts a day, so they can compete with other media outlets like tik tok, and and Instagram Reels.

Unfortunately, what they fail to consider, is some creators (myself in included) make long form content…

It’s true, I kind of focus on my perspective which has limited scope. But this is a question I often get.

“Jason where do you get the cars you review?”

There’s a theme, watch my branding in my videos, almost all are put together through one, or two Partners.


From one of my generous Partners, I’ll link this video at the bottom of the article

In my last article, I briefly discussed ‘How to get a Press Car’, really I just kind of blogged my thoughts on the topic, but let’s be honest I didn’t really cover the how. …

Here’s how a Small Youtuber Gets a Press Car for Review.

Impossible right? Those small youtubers who have tried can probably vouch this post, it’s the most insane amount of work possibly imaginable. But the expectation is, that it’s easy. …

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